We are pleased you are interested in the Social Work major! Social work is an exciting profession and provides a diverse selection of career opportunities.  The Social Work program at the University of Saint Francis is fully accredited by the Council on Social Work Education (CSWE) and prepares students for professional generalist practice and graduate school.

Historically, the social work profession worked with the poor and advocated for social justice. Even though these efforts were initially focused on those living in poverty, social workers have responded to new social problems. Social work education prepares students to use professional knowledge, values, and skills to help alleviate a variety of social problems, such as food insecurity, homelessness, unemployment, limited access to social and medical services, cultural and language barriers, violence, and abuse.

At the University of Saint Francis, your education includes courses about what social workers know (knowledge), who they are (values), and what they can do (skills). In addition, your professional identity is strengthened with the integration of Franciscan values and Catholic social teaching.

BSW Program Mission

The BSW Program’s mission is grounded in three essential elements: the Catholic and Franciscan traditions of Faith and Reason, the purpose and core values of the social work profession, and CSWE’s Educational Policy and Accreditation Standards of 2008. Rooted in these essential elements, the BSW Program’s mission is to:

Prepare its students for competent generalist social work practice through service and leadership with diverse communities, engagement in activities that promote social justice and human rights, and advancement of the profession through scholarly endeavors.

BSW Program Goals

Upon completion of the BSW Program, students will be able to:

  1. Engage in generalist social work practice with individuals, families, groups, organizations, communities, and other professionals within a multicultural, global society.
  2. Practice according to the purpose, values, and ethical standards that guide the social work profession and in accordance with Franciscan values.
  3. Practice from a culturally competent perspective that respects diverse cultures, advocates for the alleviation of poverty, oppression, and injustices related to human rights, and promotes the enhancement of human life.
  4. Apply knowledge of biological, psychological, social, spiritual, and cultural functioning to increase an understanding of person and environment construct.
  5. Develop a scholarly, professional social work identity and practice accordingly.

For more information about the Social Work program, please contact the Program Director, Rebecca Coleman, at 260.399.7700, ext. 8430.

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